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Ecommerce Maintenance

& Enhancements for Existing Shopify Sites


Having a well-maintained Shopify store is essential for seamless user experiences and consistent performance. At MediaTown, we offer comprehensive ecommerce maintenance services that bring several key benefits:

Reliable Performance

Our regular maintenance ensures that your Shopify site functions smoothly without downtime or technical glitches, providing your customers with a reliable shopping experience.

Security Enhancement:

We prioritize the security of your customers' data and transactions. Through routine updates and security audits, we safeguard your store against potential vulnerabilities and threats.

Optimized Speed

Slow-loading websites can lead to frustrated visitors and increased bounce rates. Our optimization techniques enhance the speed and responsiveness of your Shopify site, contributing to higher customer satisfaction and improved conversion rates.

Up-to-Date Content

Our team ensures that your product listings, images, and content are up to date, helping you showcase your offerings effectively and maintain a relevant online presence.




Custom-Built Shopify

Themes for Enhanced

User Experience



We specialize in creating tailor-made Shopify stores that prioritize user experience and drive conversions.

Mobile-First Design

Recognizing the importance of mobile users, we design your Shopify store with a mobile-first approach. This ensures that your site looks and functions flawlessly on smartphones and tablets, catering to the ever-growing mobile purchase trend.

Unique Visual Identity

We collaborate closely with you to understand your brand's identity and values. Our designers then craft a visually appealing and unique store that aligns perfectly with your brand image.

Intuitive Navigation

We structure your store's layout and navigation in a way that guides visitors seamlessly through their shopping journey, making it easy for them to discover products and make purchases.

Monitor & Enhance

We keep a watchful eye on your Shopify store's performance, constantly fine-tuning and enhancing the user experience. Our meticulous monitoring ensures that every click and scroll leads to increased customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.



Solving Complex

Problems with Shopify’s

APIs + More



Our extensive experience working with diverse Shopify stores, ranging from small to enterprise-level, equips us to tackle intricate challenges with confidence:

Custom App Development

Leveraging Shopify's APIs, we develop custom apps that extend your store's functionalities to meet your unique business requirements. Whether it's enhancing customer engagement or streamlining backend processes, our apps are tailored to your needs.

Module Integration

We have the expertise to integrate third-party modules seamlessly into your Shopify store, enabling advanced features and integrations without compromising on performance.

Real-World Experience

We're not only experienced professionals but also proud owners and managers of two thriving ecommerce brands. We are our own clients, and that's what sets us apart. We intimately understand the ecommerce landscape from both sides, which uniquely positions us to guide you towards success.

Problem Solving

Complex issues can arise, and our years of hands-on experience empower us to troubleshoot and solve problems efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your store's operations.


Marketing Tactics That Produce Results – Your Store's Ultimate Workout Routine.


Curating the perfect marketing strategy shapes your ecommerce success. At MediaTown, we're your personal trainers for digital growth, sculpting strategies that pack a punch. 

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Our Tech-stack Brings All The Boys To The Yard.


As ecommerce owners, we get the importance of a great tech-stack. Partnering with world-class tools & software, we cover the entire flywheel. Turning shoppers into lifelong fans.

Shopify Solutions For Growing Shops & Lifestyle Brands.


By choosing MediaTown, you're partnering with a team that not only builds stunning Shopify stores but also maintains them and provides solutions that align with your business goals, regardless of the challenges you may face. Our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement sets us apart as your trusted Shopify partner.

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