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Imagine having an expert marketing team at your fingertips, for less than the cost of a new hire – that's MediaTown. We specialize in boosting small to mid-size brands with our subscription-based digital marketing services, combining innovative strategies with affordability and flexibility.  Whether your marketing team has one member or five, we fill the gaps with our expertise, helping you achieve your business goals efficiently and effectively. With MediaTown, it's not just about filling roles; it's about scaling your success without the overhead.


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Filling The Gaps In Your Marketing Team

At MediaTown, our mission is to empower small marketing teams by filling the gaps with our expertise and efficiency. We provide comprehensive, subscription-based digital marketing services that offer the knowledge and skill of a seasoned team at a fraction of the cost of a new hire. We're dedicated to enhancing your marketing strategies without the long-term commitment, ensuring your business thrives in the digital landscape.

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Revolutionize The Way Your Marketing Team Operates

Our vision at MediaTown Marketing Inc. is to become the go-to digital marketing partner for small to medium-sized businesses, revolutionizing the way marketing teams operate. We aim to create a world where every small marketing team (typically 1-5 people) has access to top-tier marketing expertise and world-class web design/development, enabling them to compete effectively with the biggest players in your space. By continuously evolving with the latest trends and technologies, we aspire to set new standards in marketing efficiency and success.

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Crafting Success Stories, One Brand at a Time


Our experience includes collaborating with a wide range of outstanding brands. While we've partnered with agencies to create exceptional B2B campaigns, our true expertise lies in fuelling the growth of B2C and DTC brands within an increasingly competitive digital landscape.


We've contributed to the success of over 50 DTC brands across a variety of sectors, including lifestyle, apparel, fashion, renowned automotive giants, home builders, law offices, health sciences, insurance companies and more. We don't just understand the space; we know the pulse of it, and we're experts at making it thrive.



Unleash Your Potential with Subscription-Based Marketing + Web Design

We know B2C because we live it

We're not just making things up as we go; we're fellow entrepreneurs. Beyond our role at MediaTown, we proudly own, manage, and operate two e-commerce brands ourselves. This unique perspective means that when we say we understand and empathize with the pain points our clients face, it's because we've likely encountered those same challenges firsthand.

We've been around the block

Since 2004, we've been crafting websites, orchestrating SEO campaigns, executing digital marketing and brand strategies. We were basically kids when we began this journey, and it has led us to work with a diverse spectrum of clients, ranging from bootstrapped startups to Fortune 500 industry leaders.


Ready To Level Up Your Career?


Work with MediaTown and help brands prosper at scale. As a compact yet globally-minded agency, we're firm believers in the transformative potential of e-commerce. We embrace iterative design and ongoing marketing to drive growth and success.

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We work with a select few brands at a time because the most successful and satisfying partnerships thrive when we seamlessly integrate into your team.