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MediaTown’s Inbound marketing workshops are designed for business owners and marketers looking to learn the philosophy, methodology and strategy behind Inbound marketing. Each student will will receive in-depth instruction along with direct instructor support.

Inbound marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy. However, when created in isolation, it often falls short. Our workshops will teach your team how to properly use HubSpot’s marketing automation software to generate serious revenue and business results.

53% of Inbound marketers use paid ads as part of their marketing mix. Our Inbound Advertising workshop will teach you how to use digital advertising to move potential customers further down the buyer’s journey.

What You'll Learn

MediaTown offers a variety of workshops designed to maximize your Hubspot portal and how to improve your inbound marketing efforts. After one of our workshops, you will be able to effectively utilize inbound marketing for your company, ultimately increasing your company’s customer base and revenue.

Who's This For?

Our workshops are designed by marketers for marketers. If you're in the position of promoting a business, then our workshops are for you! We provide attendees with both the tools they need to get started online, as well as the latest tips and info for those who have already started with inbound but would like to grow. Whether you are a marketing beginner or a seasoned professional, our workshops will provide you with the resources you need to achieve your business goals.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each workshop is unique in what is offered and in how long it runs. As such, each workshop is priced individually. Please contact MediaTown for more details.

*Note: If your organization is based in Ontario:

Ask us how you can get our professional, in-person marketing training at an extraordinarily low cost with the help of the Ontario Government.

It amazes me how many companies and PPC advertisers are focused on selling their products, and NOT on the customers! As the workshops teach, "build value and watch the traffic grow".
Joel Lojko
Elementary Planet / Linkonlearning

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