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SEO Audit

Too many businesses choose to ignore data and results; however, executing an SEO audit is critical when it comes to reporting on the health of a website and promoting online growth. This review provides an in-depth analysis that helps us pinpoint what is and isn’t currently working on a business’s site. This will give us a clear picture of a company’s current SEO efforts, so we know exactly what needs to be done to improve them. With the help of an SEO audit, we can target weak areas and also recognize where a business’s online presence is seeing the greatest success.

SEO Strategy

Once an SEO audit has been completed, we will do a final review of a business’s technical structure. Only after we fully understand their current and past SEO efforts will we devise a comprehensive SEO strategy that is designed to meet their specific needs and goals. We will create benchmarks and KPI’s that are realistic and achievable to ensure goals are reached.

Get Found Online

SEO is the key to success online, and the right use of these techniques can make all the difference. Having your SEO services properly managed can help a business save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. By utilizing the best practices and incorporating SEO secrets that are only known by those with years of experience, we will ensure a business is found online by the right people. Rather than just attracting anyone, we at MediaTown use SEO to reach out to potential leads, ensuring online success for any business.

Absolutely! Get in touch with a marketing expert for examples & case studies.
The short answer is nope. That said, we will work with your organization to create a term-defined campaign. Term campaigns are much easier to track and define results.
Great question! We think we are and we have a long list of clients who would agree. Ask yourself this question: "How is my business doing online right now". If the answer is anything short of amazing, give us a call. We will give an honest assessment of where you're at and where we think you should be.

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Link Building

Our team at MediaTown will ensure that other websites link back to a business’s website by building effective and relevant content. Links let Google know that a website is authoritative, thus increasing the business’s page rank on search results.

Local Citation Cleanup

Our process first consists of doing a complete audit of existing citations. With our experienced team of SEO experts, we will locate and fix all incorrect local citations that are pulling down a business’s ranking.

Keyword Research

MediaTown will determine relevant keywords and phrases that people are using to search for a business. We will then evaluate these keywords and find the ones that have the perfect balance between search volume and competition. At the end of the process, the business will receive a detailed report that will include our findings and recommendations for their particular website.

Content Marketing

After pinpointing which keywords will best suit your business goals, we will create and distribute content that is highly optimized to ensure search engine rankings. This unique SEO technique will guarantee that content on a company’s website will bring in more potential clients, and not just random internet traffic. MediaTown will ensure that your business has more pages indexed and that your site is always updating with new content, designed to increase your SEO ranking.

Social SEO

Social SEO is a critical component of any marketing campaign since it is an effective tactic for increasing exposure and brand awareness. Social SEO works to draw potential leads into a business’ social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, helping them to become more engaged in the business and eventually turn them into satisfied customers. Our team of social media experts will ensure businesses are found on social platforms by using relevant and specific keywords and hashtags.

Location Data

With the growing importance and understanding of SEO, there is more and more competition for strong keywords. MediaTown combats this by adding your location into the mix. We will get businesses more visibility by putting them in the top local and industry directories. Location data helps businesses to attract customers within their area and will list them higher on specific search results.

+ Monthly Stats & Reports

MediaTown's experts use state-of-the-art analytics to help measure and track every click. We're constantly reviewing to identify areas for improvement to ensure optimal campaign performance. We're completely transparent about the services we provide and send monthly progress reports so you can monitor the success of your campaign along with us.

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Our new website is modern in design and displays perfectly across all platforms allowing us to reach as many people as possible. This has helped us to better communicate with more in our community. Paul is always available to answer any questions we have regarding posting new media, or to help us get out a last-minute email campaign.

-Hon. Peter Kent PC, MP
Member of Parliament, Canada

In the hyper-competitive world of financial services, it is critical to engage our members and prospective members in a clear, professional manner. The team at MediaTown created a strategy that has helped Meridian branches do just that. Always on-time with creative, compelling solutions, we are proud to have these professionals working on our team.

-Paul Bath
Meridian Credit Union

LT Realties

The team at MediaTown consistently uses strategy, creativity and project management skills at a very high level. Their work has allowed our company to expand effectively. Keep it up the great job guys!

-Joel Lawton
LT Realties Inc.

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Everything our team of marketing experts do is created to achieve maximum ROI for your organization. Once we have a solid understanding of what you're trying to achieve, we'll build a plan to help you reach your goals.

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