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Inbound Marketing earns the attention of customers. It focuses on creating amazingly useful content that pulls the right people toward your company website.

An Inbound Marketing approach is highly focused, using your digital properties to drive leads directly to your website and then to qualify and guide those leads through the Buyers Journey to become brand advocates & promoters.

MediaTown inbound marketing campaigns are objective driven. As a full-service agency, our solutions will help your organization grow.

consumers are likely to purchase from a business if it has info on a social media site

average an organization saves per year by investing in inbound

nurtured leads make purchases that are 47% larger than non nurtured.

# of people (2013) who access local website info via their mobile phone

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The Inbound Methodology

Attract MQLs

All traffic is not created equal. Rather than trying to attract "traffic" to your site, our approach is to identify & reach potential customers who best benefit from, and are most likely to purchase your services or products. Our inbound marketing strategists leverage blogging, social media promotion, persona-driven keywords, and more to attract the type of traffic that turns into sales.

Engage Contacts

Engagement is critical to the success of any digital marketing campaign. You've worked hard and are finally seeing a constant stream of visitors to your website, but now what? What happens after they get there? Providing visitors with a fantastic, enriching experience is a must. By creating content for your visitors and followers that entices engagement, you will increase your chances of converting them. MediaTown will help you foster engagement by developing content that is relevant, timely and, of course, helpful.

Convert To Leads

Once you have attracted and engaged the right people, the next step is to convert those visitors into leads by gathering their contact information. With MediaTown’s help, you will be able to gather that crucial information by providing visitors with relevant and helpful content. Some of our most important tactics include utilizing forms, calls to action, and landing pages.

Close Customers

We’re almost there now! You’ve attracted the right customer and converted the right leads; now, you need to convert those leads into customers. MediaTown will use marketing automation, a CRM system and closed loop reporting to make sure that you are closing the right customer at the right time.


Inbound Marketing does not end when the customer makes a purchase from you; instead, it begins a life-long business relationship. MediaTown ensures that none of your past customers are forgotten. We will help you engage and delight past customers with awesome content that will turn them into your strongest promoters! Not only will customers continue to return to you in the future, but will also tell their friends, thus expanding your customer-base.

Take Your Business From Where It Is, To Where You Want To Be!

Together with our expert team, we will define a series of attainable, realistic goals to help your business grow.

Our Team Of Experts Help You Get The Most Out Of Hubspot!

We're HubSpot experts and will ensure you get the most out of each feature and tool HubSpot has to offer.

No More Guessing. Know What's Working & What's Not

Kill your silos and streamline your marketing efforts.

Marketing Team + Sales Enablement = Success!

When sales & marketing work together something special happens - close more often, close bigger deals, create happier customers.

Custom Campaigns Built For...

More Engagement
Entice action, provide incredibly valuable content, launch amazing offers and create an experience your customers love.

More Leads
Capture, convert and create conversations with customers! Send a constant flow of leads to your sales team with nurturing & automation.

More MQLs
Low quality traffic sucks! We drive Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) based on specific demographics, activities, or behaviors.

More Style
Compelling visuals and amazing design equal a better experience & more sales - period! Not a surprise to anyone who owns a $1,000 iPhone.

More Social Love
Attract new readers and returning visitors, with a proper content promotion plan. Amazing support creates brand advocates.

More CRM
Keep your sales team organized, track more leads, & campaign ROI using CRM. Custom alerts, lead scoring & more ensure you know who's ready to buy.

It Starts with Strategy!

Our marketing experts will work with you to gain a clear understanding of your objectives, and create a SMART strategy to attain them, fast.

Define Goals & Plan
We ask a ton of questions (sorry in advance) to get really, really detailed info about your product / service.
Campaign Kickoff
(Create & Integrate)
We pull the trigger & start organizing your first "Sprint Campaign", creating initial creative, tasks, outlines, and more! It's a ton of fun.
We're Live!
We publish the first Sprint; then watch, measure, analyze & tweak.
Tweak & Promote
The party really gets started as we begin to analyze leads, optimize, and make improvements to the campaign.
Manage & Analyze
Once the Sprint is fully underway, we plan your next Sprint, automation, nurturing & more. We never stop working on new ways to build your business.
Rinse & Repeat
Monitoring, management, monthly marketing meetings + reports to ensure we are consistently meeting & exceeding campaign objectives

How We PriceOur Packages

All MediaTown campaigns are created to achieve maximum ROI for your organization. Once we have a good understanding of what you're trying to achieve, we'll build a plan to reach your goals.

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Industry Focused Marketing!

  • Using the Inbound Marketing Methodology as the foundation of all we do, MediaTown will work with your organization to create a strategy to develop a pipeline of prospective, targeted, motivated home buyers. From results driven website design, to an inbound lead generation campaigns, to paid search advertising, we have the tools and experience to help you grow.

  • Legal advice & expertise requires client trust. This confidence starts with online thought leadership through content marketing and SEO. Our team will work with your firm to create SMART inbound marketing goals & growth driven website design to create a constant flow of new prospective clients.


  • Showroom visits are down, and internet competition is way up. A new approach is required. Our digital team has more than 15 years automotive experience creating the most unique and engaging content in the automotive industry. Inbound marketing for car dealerships is your secret weapon to destroy the competition online.

  • Resort marketing is hard. With so much competition, savvy resorts are creating actionable marketing strategies designed to boost communication with previous and potential guests. Using the Inbound Methodology, MediaTown will use our extensive knowledge, experience, and insight to create campaigns that drive real-world results!

  • Political marketing is sweeping through the modern political system. Constant, personalized content marketing means the difference between a win and loss. Utilizing marketing automation and strategic thinking, our political clients have a better chance of winning!

  • As a Nonprofit, you have two primary goals. Win supporters to your cause, and to convert those supporters to donors. To achieve these aims, MediaTown will work with your team to create a comprehensive approach to inbound marketing & engaging website design. 

  • With the baby-boomer generation nearing retirement age, there are more individuals seeking retirement communities than ever before. Seniors and those who influence seniors are online and are social. Building rapport, building trust means positioning your organization as a thought leader online. Our approach to social media marketing and content will help drive new prospective tenants.

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