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User Experience

Relevant. Useful. Engaging.

MediaTown has over 10 years experience building websites that produce results! Our team of talented web developers, ux designers, and marketing experts will develop a website strategy that utilizes the Inbound methodology to engage your audience and generate qualified leads.

Goal Driven

Is your website your best employee?

Goal-driven design is the process of combining form with function to create solutions that empower your users to achieve their goals.

In order to setup your website for success, our professionals will spend the time to understand your audience, and work to define objectives. Audience and objectives enable us to create a navigation structure, voice and messaging that resonate and encourage action.


Modern web traffic is increasingly derived from mobile devices. As mobile traffic grows, providing a great user experience on a variety of platforms and hardware is more challenging than ever. In fact, mobile is so pervasive on today's modern internet, Google now boosts the search results of sites that are mobile friendly - in effect, penalizing sites that are not.

Our team of Bootstrap experts design sites that respond to the device of each unique visitor. When designing, we take into account functionality from Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, and Television perspectives, in order to ensure the website is effective and easy to use on any device.


Depending on your website goals, our team will suggest a website framework that best suites your business. We have unrivaled command of the Wordpress, HubSpot COS, Woocommerce, and Nationbuilder systems. For large-scale, custom web applications, we also have our very own Proprietary CMS - “Metropolis”.

In addition to working with the absolute best in breed we have built a proprietary Visual Editor to ensure content creation, publishing, distribution, organization and management of online content is a snap.

flexible website design
growth driven website design

Scalable. Flexible.
Future Proof.

MediaTown builds websites to meet many different business requirements. After our initial discovery meeting, we will review your business objectives and architect a solution that achieves not only short term needs, but is extensible, flexible and scalable to also meet your long term goals.

Interactive. Inbound Built.

Interactive Design build for Inbound marketing is the ability to focus meaningful communication between your website and your audience.

Our websites are interactive, have clearly defined goals, are search optimized, have a simplified purpose and intuitive screen interface, and provide users with a remarkable experience! (They do a ton of amazing things!)

Features Like...

  • Amazing content organization
  • Best in breed blog setup
  • Amazing offers
  • Personalization
  • Great reporting

inbound ready website design
beautiful design


Design is a huge part of the human experience. In fact, studies prove, design has a significant impact on your website visitors. Not only does it affect them, but it is the most influential factor in whether people trust or mistrust your organization online.

A recent study showed that of all the factors for rejecting or mistrusting a website, 94% were design related; only 6% were content related. - Wow!

Design To Brag About

Your website is where the 'Buyers Journey' usually starts. It's our job to impress the hell out of your potential clientele.

You're In Great Company

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  • website design process
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