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Inbound marketing is a smarter, and more cost effective approach to growing your business. Unlike traditional techniques, Inbound marketing attracts qualified people that are already looking for the products and services you offer.

Inbound Marketing is 10x more effective because of its holistic approach to:

  • SMART Goals & Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization

Industry Experts

Knowing your business is more than just a few interview questions. We have years of success working with premier Golf, Ski and Family Resorts.

As a new client, our team of experts will work with you to create a personalized Inbound Marketing blueprint containing a detailed analysis of strategies and tactics. These are grouped into four practice areas that will drive your overall success.

  1. Attracting the right traffic
  2. Converting leads efficiently
  3. Nurturing leads into buyers
  4. Growing customer revenue and generating referrals

Ways & Means to Success

Reservation & Bookings

Online bookings are important to your success. Our team will work to build a strategy to ensure your reservation process is seamless, easy to use, and trackable. Find out what is, and what isn't driving sales.

Micro targeting

Once someone is a customer we make sure that they are not forgotten. We make sure a strategy is developed in order to properly engage them further and turn them into promoters.

Event Calendars

A big selling point for Resorts are the surrounding locations around them. With MediaTown's personalized mapping tool, you will be able to showcase popular local attractions with directions to each.

Search Engine Optimization

When MediaTown receives a new client we make sure that we do not follow a cookie cutter campaign. We determine what your organization's specific goals and objective are, so we can create a marketing plan just for you.

Mapping Directions

A big selling point for Resorts are the surrounding locations around them. With MediaTown's personalized mapping tool, you will be able to showcase popular local attractions with directions to each.

Gameplan Essentials

Starting with guest persona(s), our team will then work to plan compelling content, design + build your Inbound website, as well setup automation software.

Advanced Analytics & Reports

Tracking marketing performance is a critical step to continuously improving. Every marketing campaign runs using HubSpot, Google Analytics Suite, Hotjar, as well as a variety of other softwares to track and measure your marketing’s performance. We're completely transparent about the services we provide and send monthly progress reports so you can monitor the success of your campaign along with us.

An Extension of your Marketing Team

MediaTown will work to complement your Resort's Marketing department. After all, it's our common objective to see success. All organizations have one point of contact here at MediaTown. We are there throughout every part of your Resort's online marketing journey. Have questions about your campaign, a promotion, an event, or hey even just to chat, we're here to lend an ear.

"MediaTown will integrate online bookings into an easy to use program. Customers will book reservations and you will be able to effectively manage them without any hassle."

- Kristen
Reservations Manager

Affordable, Flexible Pricing & Packages

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  • How is a typical campaign built?

    With every marketing campaigns or website we create, we draw on our vast experience to achieve maximum ROI. Work is done on a retainer which means we are able to properly work with you over time to improve your current marketing plan, overcome challenges, achieve goals, and meet deadlines.
  • What do most customers pay?

    Typical packages run on 12 month agreements, with an investment of between $1,500 to $15,000 per month depending on campaign objectives. Website design packages start at $4,500.

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