Get Paid To Give a Shite!

Become a modern-day superhero. Care about our clients, and your work!

Get Paid To Learn Inbound!

Spanning the past 10(+) years, MediaTown has been helping businesses grow. Now, it’s our turn and we’re looking for some great new talent to join us on our journey. If you’re looking for Career in Inbound Marketing, Web Design (Using the Inbound Methodology as a framework), or are already amazing at digital, we’re looking for you.

Must Have

Must have a fun, outgoing personality and are driven to learn every day.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of small teams. Small teams are fast and agile. Small teams mean less bureaucracy and less shit to manage. Simply put, they get things done.

We don’t believe in credentials & expensive pieces of paper. Our CEO barely made it out of college and our UX designer has an interior design degree. What you love doing is way more important than the credentials you have.

Working at MediaTown Marketing

Values define the MediaTown experience and are the heart of our culture of shared ownership, which consistently produces outstanding, effective work. These values foster a relaxed environment where all employees feel comfortable punching above their weight.
  • Mission

MediaTown is dedicated to providing high-quality, lead generation, sales enablement & website design services for clients who seek a full-service, all in one marketing agency. Our goal is to produce amazing results, exceptional ROI, while having fun doing it.

  • Vision

"Great Design is Great For Business"
- Paul Chesher, MediaTown Founder

Our vision is to invent beautifully creative solutions to achieve and exceed growth goals set by each and every client.

  • Our Core Values

  • Accountable
  • Relationship Builders
  • Knowledge Driven
  • Prideful in our Work
  • Fun Loving
  • Community Oriented

Made with around the world

  • Head Office - Canada
    Toronto, Ontario - 1-888-928-8610
  • United States Office
    New York State - 1-888-928-8610
  • Asia Office
    New Delhi, India
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