Sell More Homes With Facebook Targeted Ads


With the seemingly endless changes to Facebook, it’s easy to think the social media giant is no longer any help to your real estate business. However; since 2004, Facebook has significantly grown and currently has 1.44 billion active users. For realtors this means there is a really, really good chance that all types of home buyers are on Facebook.

Luckily, Facebook makes it cheap and easy to effectively target their massive pool of active users, with Facebook targeted ads. These ads allow you to micro target your audience to become the biggest needle in the real estate haystack, allowing you to be found quicker and easier than your competition.

Here are some key points why you should invest in Facebook targeted ads.



One of the biggest advantages to using Facebook targeted ads, is it allows you to target specific groups of highly engaged users. In fact, Facebook is 89 percent accurate in reaching exactly your target market. With this, you can specifically target home buyers right down to their location, income, age, interests and behaviours.

facebook ads sell more homes


Drive Online Traffic

Facebook targeting ads can be a powerful and effective way to increase online traffic to your website. Here’s how:

  • You are able to reach people where they are actively engaged.
  • Your ads can have a link that brings people to your website.
  • You can measure how your ads perform and continue to improve them.
  • You can micro target based on location, demographics and interests.


Increase Sales

You can use targeted ads to reach customers who would be interested in buying your homes and remarket to people who have already been to your website at least once. Facebook ads can:

  • Promote an open house or new home development
  • Attract locals to a sponsored community event
  • Draw people into a new section on your website
  • Reach customers who have liked your page already


Raise Brand Awareness

More than 1.3 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them, and 64 percent of them use Facebook every single day. Facebook ads:

  • Put you in front of the people that matter the most
  • Enable you to tell your story with engaging photos, links or pictures
  • Create actionable content


How to Get the Most From Your Facebook Ad

Getting started with Facebook ads is simple and can be done by following these simple steps:

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Step 1: Build your Facebook page.

Create a page where people can find you as it will be the cornerstone of your Facebook campaign.

Step 2: Connect with people.

Get people to like your page – start with your own network first to spread the word. Create ads with the Facebook ad creator tool and target your audience based on location, demographics and interests.

Step 3: Post quality updates.

Create content that is engaging and promote it with your micro targeted Facebook ads.

Step 4: Measure your results.

When you understand your ad results, you can improve them for even more impact.

In a nutshell, because of your ability to micro target your ads on Facebook, you can easily maximize your reach, therefore, there is a greater potential for your profits to hit new heights. By doing some research and targeting only those who are in your target demographic, you’ll be putting a hard stop on missed opportunities, and a bullseye on the people that matter.


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