The New Inbound Sales Methodology [Infographic]


It’s here & it’s going to change the world of sales. Today, Hubspot released its all new sales methodology. Not surprising to most, they named it the “Inbound Sales Methodology”. We at MediaTown have been fortunate enough to gain early access to Hubspot’s training and certification and we’re loving it. It articulates a deep flaw in the traditional (legacy) sales process which is becoming more difficult for the average salesperson to overcome.

Today’s ‘Empowered Buyer’ has taken the power from the sales person and are informed like never before. This means that modern Inbound Sales Teams, use buyer behaviour to ensure their buyer is the centre of the sales process. These teams provide value, not stumbling blocks.

To help understand the main differences between the modern ‘Inbound Sales Teams’ vs. traditional ‘Legacy Sales Teams’ we’ve put together this helpful Infographic. Enjoy.

Infographic The New Inbound Sales Methodology

Inbound Sales Methodology thanks to our friends at HubSpot!

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