Hubspot 101- How Leadin Helps Generate Leads


The Inbound Marketing methodology has proven to be instrumental in achieving marketing success. However for the most part, many businesses still have not been educated as to the value of this strategy making it hard for many businesses to take the plunge into this area of the marketing world. That’s where LeadIn comes in; Leadin is the perfect tool to help businesses take that first step. It works to show businesses exactly who is viewing their content, and then gives those businesses the information necessary to cater to these viewers’ needs.

What is LeadIn?

Created by Hubspot, LeadIn is a great new marketing automation and lead generation tool that is offered to businesses, for free. LeadIn uses many of the core features that are present in Hubspot’s software. This marketing tool makes it possible for businesses to track website visitors, create lead generation forms designed to maximize conversions, and track key website metrics.

LeadIn Contact Information


Who Is It For?

LeadIn is the perfect tool for small businesses who want to get started implementing small scale inbound marketing techniques but aren’t exactly sure where to start. LeadIn is an excellent opportunity for businesses to understand their customers and since LeadIn is free, business can give it a try without a hit to their marketing budget Additionally, LeadIn is also great for those who are interested in Hubspot but aren’t willing to commit until they are sure this Inbound Marketing mumbo-jumbo is right for them.

Amazing Insights

LeadIn works to provide businesses with detailed data about each person who visits their site, giving better insight into how they got there and what products or services they may be interested in. Simply put, LeadIn enables businesses to develop an even better understanding of their visitors. In fact, in some cases it will even provide lead information including the company they work for, their location, and background automatically.

LeadIn Contact Information


Conversion Forms Made Easy

In addition to great customer insights, LeadIn also offers easy to implement conversion forms. According to statistics, conversion forms have been shown to increase email and blog subscriptions by as much as 1000%. Now with LeadIn, adding conversion forms to a website is easy and quick. The development team has put together a great user interface that enables the creation of popups and exit forms with a few simple clicks. These forms can be custom-made for each site with options such as modifying when forms are triggered, where they are located and what colour they are. With the data collected from popup conversion forms, businesses can connect with more viewers in a personal way, guaranteeing a longer-lasting relationship.

LeadIn Conversion Form


Clear, Concise Analytics

LeadIn also offers web analytics that provides business owners with the information they need in a simple and easy-to-understand layout. These analytics let website owners track page views, total contacts, referral sources, conversions per page, and other useful information. These statistics are a great option for anyone who is tired of trying to understand more complicated programs such as Google Analytics.

LeadIn analytics


Automation with Integration

One of the best things about Leadin is that integrates with email tools such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc. It will push contacts who submit your forms into specific lists in whatever email software suits your fancy. Setup for each one is slightly different, but they’re all painless.
LeadIn is a program that is certain to help you boost your conversions and track leads. Once you start implementing this fantastic new tool, you can get a good grasp on who views your material and how you can adjust your content to best serve them.
If your business is ready to take baby steps into the world of Inbound Automation, contact our ListPopular team. As a special Leadin introduction, we will integrate this awesome software for your business 100% free no obligation.

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