HubSpot 101 – 10 Reasons The Reporting Add-On Is A Must!


As a busy Marketer, you know the importance of analyzing mountains of data & metrics in order to properly understand how a campaign is performing and providing actionable insights. You spend hours and hours of valuable time analyzing visitors, conversions, bounce rates, traffic sources, ROI, and more.
That’s where Hubspot’s Reporting Add-On comes in. This dashboard takes all of those reports and puts them into one easily accessible and customizable screen. Both marketing and sales can see all of the metrics they are accountable for, as well as their progress toward these initiatives all in one place. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry: Hubspot gives you the option to start off with a basic set of reports on your dashboard. Best of all, when you’re ready to get deep into the data, the dashboard is able to organize and display all your reports in one central location.
Hubspot’s Reporting Add-On was released to the public at the annual INBOUND 2015 conference that is held in Boston, Massachusetts. While there are lots of programs that help companies make reports, Hubspot’s Reporting Add-on reaches out to marketers in a new way, helping them to keep up with all their reports from one easy location. We believe that this new add-on should be included in every organization’s marketing regime; keep reading to find out why you need this new software and how it can help your organization thrive!

1. It’s Necessary.

According to a report by Forrester, the B2B marketing budget expectations have been on the rise since 2011. However, 45% of those surveyed admitted that they struggled to attribute program spending to revenue results. Simply put, organizations need to get a tighter grasp on metrics so they can better understand their budget, how money is coming in and out of the organization, and how to best improve marketing skills. The Reporting Add-On allows you to analyze your organization’s KPI’s all together in an easy, convenient, and helpful way. This add-on is something your organization can’t afford to ignore!

Hubspot Reporting Tool


2. You Don’t Have to be a Data Scientist!

When it comes to gathering reports, it can feel like your only hope of success is if you take a six-month class on becoming a data analysis expert. This isn’t the case with the Hubspot’s Reporting Add-On; despite its vast array of features, this tool is surprisingly easy to use and requires no training or formal instruction. Generally speaking, marketers can grasp basic concepts of this amazing tool with a few simple YouTube videos and ten minutes spent using the add-on. This tool is for anyone who wants to start reporting on their marketing and sales efforts, and makes it possible to enjoy high-quality reports minus hours of painful, tedious training. Rather than wasting time and money training employees to use overcomplicated reporting tools, organizations can adopt the Reporting Add-On and begin discovering actionable insights that will help grow their business.

3. It is a Time-Saver.

When your organization starts implementing this add-on, you will not only save time during training but also during the actual creation of the reports. While the reporting add-on helps marketers to design top-quality reports, the tool has a dashboard that is efficient and easy-to-use, transparent and centralized, saving employees tons of time analyzing marketing efforts.

4. It Grows with Your Business.

Organizations always grow or wither – they don’t stay the same size indefinitely. This add-on is designed for change and will grow alongside the organization. With the reporting add-on, businesses will continue to build their dashboards as they grow as a business. The reporting add-on is perfect for both small organizations and large-sized corporations.

Hubspot Reporting Tool


5. Create Customizable Reports.

The reporting add-on comes with an endless array of options for creating reports that will meet your organization’s specific needs. With the add-on, you don’t have to change your business to fit the tool; just change the tool to fit your business. This tool comes with an almost unlimited amount of options that will allow you to make it your own. Through the add-on, you can create multiple dashboards and customized reports with the use of different visualizations, metrics, and properties. Even though the add-on is easy enough for anyone to use, the options it offers for marketers will go beyond what many expert programs can offer.

Hubspot Reporting Tool


6. Centralized.

With the reporting add-on, all reports can be created from one easy location. Marketers can forget trying to balance multiple reports from different places, and instead enjoy the ease of having them all stationed at one easy-to-find place. With the add-on, organizations can create multiple dashboards for each team, making it possible for those within the business to focus in on their area of expertise without the use of many different programs and tabs.

7. Easy-to-Read.

While some graphs and charts are hard to comprehend, the add-on provides reports that are easy-to-read, making it possible for organizations to get the best grasp on their metrics. These accurate, efficient, and transparent reports will make it possible for your business to understand how it is doing and how to make critical improvements.

8. Discover Areas Where Growth is Needed.

The marketing add-on will help your organization understand where you need improvement and gives an idea of how these goals can be reached. With these reports, you can analyze your marketing and sales team in a way that is centralized and transparent, giving the team a chance to see both the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

Hubspot Reporting Tool


9. Users Love the Reporting Add-on.

Now for the big question: Does this add-on really provide clients with something they need? Business owners who are implementing the tool give it a big thumbs-up. ListPopular’s agency principle Paul Chesher informed the public that they just took the reporting tool for a “test run” and were amazed at the value it is going to provide for their clients. Chesher said that the tool was “friendly, intuitive, and quick”. He went on to encourage everyone to give it a try.

10. Enjoy a 30-Day Free Trial.

If you haven’t already heard enough to help you decide that the reporting add-on is worth a shot, how does a free trial sound? For those who aren’t already HubSpot customers, ListPopular will help you get started with a free 30 day trial, presenting you with the chance to see how the add-on works and to discover how it can change your organization.
As your business grows, you need to report on more and more metrics with larger goals. Going back and forth between reports and products can be frustrating and time-consuming; it requires opening up multiple tabs and remembering all the different tools, usernames, and passwords. What you really need is a central hub where all your reports are located, so everything is transparent.
The Hubspot’s Reporting Add-On takes all your reports and puts them into one accessible and customizable location. Your whole team can see all your reports from a single view and, as your company grows, you can add new reports that meet your changing needs. Sign up for your free 30-day trial and give Hubspot’s Reporting Add-On a try! For those of you who are already a customer don’t worry, you have the opportunity to try a free trial too.
If you need help setting up Hubspot, ListPopular is here. Check out our HubSpot set up package.


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