How To Provide Support To Millennials [Infographic]


Millennials are buying homes! In fact, they are the largest group of home buyers in America at 32% of the market, according to a March 2015 report from the National Association of Realtors.

But they’re different. The way they do pretty much everything is different from Generation X and Y before them. They rely heavily on technology. Review sites, peer references and internet chatter amount to almost 80% of their purchasing decision.

As a homebuilder, can you afford to give bad customer service? Can you afford bad online reviews? Worse yet, can you afford not to be found online at all?

Below is a great infographic put together by our friends at ProvideSupport. With automation systems like HubSpot and the help of MediaTown, you no longer have the option to ignore the after-sales process. Communication will directly impact future sales.

One particular point to note: Millennials jump! As many as 25% will leave a company after one bad experience. In fact, over half do it every year. Imagine what that means for poor customer service referrals!

Homebuilder Customer Support

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