How To Blow The Biggest Bubble with BubbleGum [Infographic]


Blowing bubbles with bubble gum is a pastime that is enjoyed by many kids and adults alike. You might be thinking blowing bubbles isn’t that hard, but the difficulty increases when you try to blow the biggest bubble ever. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to blow the biggest bubble ever without the proper training.

As bubble aficionado’s, MediaTown has joined forces with March of Dimes Canada to build a campaign to raise awareness of its gumball machine program called #MyBiggestBubble. MOD Canada raises funds for children and adults with disabilities and the proceeds from the gumball sales support this initiative.

So whether you’re blowing the biggest bubble in support of March of Dimes, or if you are looking to set a world record, make sure you use the tips provided in this infographic to get started in becoming a bubble blowing professional.

Learn more about My Biggest Bubble

how to blow the biggest bubble with bubblegum

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